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Valentine Victorious logo
Valentine Victorious $15.999 sets of cards for Valentine Valentine Victorious and two sets of heart tokens and dice.

If you'd like to make 9 sets total add:
* 14 Dice (preferably red) : D6, 16mm, Red []
* 63 Hearts : Heart []
* 8 Tuck Boxes : Tuck Box, Poker, Clear, 66 [] OR 3x4 Baggies []

Candy Cover logo
Candy Cover $7.0718 pairs of cards to give away with candy such as (Skittles, M&Ms, etc) to make a complete playable game.

Great for grab-bag giveaways.

No candies/coins are included in this game.
Winks are available at: Game Pieces and Board Game Parts []

Poker Chips (that stack) are available at: Game Pieces and Board Game Parts []

Specially Themed Chits are available at: Candy Cover (tokens) []

Round Candy is usually available in vending machines.

Flip the Table logo
Flip the Table™ $9.99

Available for sale at

A card-based version of the classic game Shut the Box with a wooden table theme.

Included are rules for many different variations of play and rules for different methods of scoring.

Will you be able to flip over all the face-up cards and 'flip the table'?

The backs of the cards are all the same to encourage new variants with revealing cards.