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Blast-off for Discovery! logo
Blast-off for Discovery! $30.99

Available for sale at

This game mashes up the Blackjack with following suit and taking tricks. Each Mission players play cards from their hands while following suit to try and have the closest total to the Mission Value to win the trick. Each card has an effect to help you get closer to the Target Value or change your opponent's total. The deck is loaded with many cards with effects to disrupt your opponent and ways to rocket your way into the lead. Deploy Rockets, Landers, Satellites, Probes and more to discover the Universe before your opponents do.

Alien Upload logo
Alien Upload $46.99Available for sale at

A global Alien Threat was detected. As an IT Security Firm that serves a permanent nation on the United Nations Security Council, it is your responsibility to sabotage the Alien Computer Mainframe and download secret Alien Programs.

Allocate RAM (worker) Tokens to the Action Board to use actions.

Build and run Subroutines (lists of Functions) to try to download the Alien Programs and sabotage your rivals' Subroutines.

Actively sabotage your rival's play area by removing functions from their Programs and inject Halt Functions into their Subroutine Queues.

Flip over an Alien Program and run all the Functions in the listed Subroutines.

Alien Upload blends Action Selection and Take That mechanics in a new twist on Worker Placement.

Download the most Alien Programs from the Alien Program Deck to win!

Battle Checkers logo
Battle Checkers $34.99

Available for sale at

Battle Checkers™ is a two-player action/strategy game based on the well-known game of Checkers, but with the addition of a deck of "action cards" which are drawn and/or played on each turn. These action cards change and enhance the standard checkers gameplay, adding a bit of RPG-style action. Action cards include things like forcing promotion or demotion of the checker pieces, granting special powers to pieces, creating obstacles on the board, etc., or affecting the cards themselves, such as modifying the player's hand or deck, discarding/drawing cards etc. This game does NOT includes the checkerboard, checkers, and rules for checkers. A version with these components can be found at: .